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 Easy and quick gain setting control 

 When gain changes are applied, the previous echoes are applied at the same as the new echoes 

 Allows to display weakly recorded fish group 

 Allows to display weakly recorded fish group 

 30% increase of transmitting speed allows more detailed fish school to be displayed 

 Fine tuning of transmitting frequency 

 Fine tuning over all frequencies including low and high transmitting frequencies 

 Progressed image processing technology 

 Express image with various filtering process : Interference removal, noise removal, clutter, color removal and digital filter area setting 

 Selectable display color 

 Use may select preferable color display 

 Display area detected on A-SCOPE 

 Display area of seabed transmitted by the beam angle from transducer on A-scope to increase ease of work 

 Beam angle may vary depending on the frequency of the transducer and the installation method. The data displayed on the equipment should be used for reference only 

 Multi-frequency and the output 

 The selection of transducers with various frequencies and output is available 

 28/38/50/68/82/88/107/150/200 kHz

 Dual frequencies

 Transmission output can be selected from 1/1.2/1.5/2.5/3KW

 Connectable with past transducers 

 Display white line 

 White line applied to easily discern seabed from the fish school or reef 

  * Display the strong signal from seabed in the white line in order to easily distinguish between fish group and seabed 

 Digital filter technology 

 Digital filter technology applied to display the weakest echoes from small fish and reduce noise at the same time 



 Operating Frequencies : Dual Frequencies(50/200 kHz) 

 Output Power : 1/1.2/1.5/2/2.5 /3 kW 

 Power Reduction : 10 ~ 100 % (in 10 % step) 

 User Frequency : 28/38/50/55/68/75/82/88/95/ 100/107/150/200 kHz(2 Frequencies selection) 


 Display : 10.4" color LED (SVGA: 800 x 600) 

 Color : 8/16/32/64 color 

 Brightness : 500 cd/m2 

 Tx Rate : 20 ~ 3000/min 

 Pulselength : Standard/Short/Middle/Long 

 Rx Band : Narrow/Standard/Wide 

 Amplifier : High dynamic range 

 Ranges : 3 ~ 3000 m 

 Shift : 0 ~ 2000 m 

 Display Mode : Single(LF/HF), Dual, Single+Zoom, Custom modes 1,2, Zoom mode(Bottom lock, Bottom zoom, Marker zoom), MIX mode, Nav data, A-scope 

 Picture Advance Direction : Left, Right 

 Picture Advance Speed : Stop, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1, 4/1 

 Alarms : Audio, Fish, Depth, Water temperature, Nav data 

 Others : Auto Mode, Color Erase, Interference, TVG, Clutter, Temp Graph, A-scope, White Marke 


 Operating Temperature : -15~ +55 ℃ 


 Data Interface : NMEA 0183 POWER SUPPLY 

 Power Supply : 12/24 VDC, 50W max. 


 Standard : Display Unit, Transducer(1/1.2/1.5/2/2.5/3KW), Installation Materials and Standard Spare Parts 

 Option : Speed/Temperature Sensor, Temperature Sensor NMEA Cable, Rectifier 

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